Silly silly ninja walk submission for Jazza's "2016 Animation Challenge" , the prices were off the shelf! The whole point was to create a walk cycle with certain requirements, the main one being a "silly walk" in honor of Monty Phython's "Ministry of Silly Walks".

It's so silly, I hadn't seen it before, hahahaha. My idea was to create silly walk with a ninja character. Since I hadn't animated a walk cycle before I headed to and looked at the course "2D Animation: Walk Cycle Basics" by a favorite of mine, Dermot O'Connor.

Spoiler alert... I didn't even make it to finalist, but at least I got into making my first walk cycle, which I hadn't tried because I didn't think I was ready. Here's the animation compilation of all the entries to the "Draw with Jazza 2016 Animation Challenge".