My first animation using Maya. I must say it was very fun to do and seeing that adorable Squirrel move about was just something else. The technical part of how to use Maya I got from a course in, "Animating Cartoon Characters in Maya". The course uses their own rig and you must have a certain type of subscription to access it. If you only have the regular kind, I suggest using a free rig like I did, and coming up with your own animation while following the technical part from the course.

I got the Squirrel rig from Animation Mentor, completely free to use for personal projects. Although if you do use it, be sure to include the proper attribution (you can get it from the terms and conditions of the rig.)

I used Photoshop for some color correction and blurring of the platform base which came out looking weird from Maya (I'm sure it was because of my horrible lightning experience).

Rig or Material used with permission (© Animation Mentor 2014). No endorsement or sponsorship by Animation Mentor. Downloaded at