This is the first Character Design work I do and it was for a project I volunteered for through, "Gordo and Blue". The series is described as follows.

Gordo and Bleu is a family-oriented animated TV series, which  is both educational and entertaining. It merges diverse ethnic groups,  cultures, age groups, and gender with a storyline driven by an adult male Latino and an African American male youth. Their journey is exciting,  fun-filled and a little emotional or dramatic at times.

His name is Buddy Duckworth and he came along with a set of requirements for creating him. You should see the first sketches I did of him, the face changed so much during the process, specially the nose.

This is a short video of his character turnaround and his principal facial expressions. I hope Lorie manages to get the pilot episode, "Bleu's Basketball Tryout", completed, I'd love to see it. Good luck!