Danny Phantom

(He's a phantom. Danny Phantom)

Yo, Danny Fenton, he was just fourteen
when his parents built a very strange machine
It was designed to view a world unseen

(He's gonna catch 'em all cause he is Danny Phantom)

When it didn't quite work, his folks they just quit
Then Danny took a look inside of it
There was a great big flash, everything just changed
His molecules got all rearranged

(Phantom, phantom)

When he first woke up he realized
He had snow white hair and glowing green eyes
He could walk through walls disappear and fly
He was much more unique than the other guys

It was then that he knew what he had to do
He had to stop all the ghosts that were commin' through
He's here to fight for me and you!

He's gonna catch 'em all cause he is Danny Phantom
Gonna catch 'em all cause he is Danny Phantom
Gonna catch 'em all cause he's (Danny Phantom)

I don't think I need to write much about Danny Phantom, right? The background was done following (you guessed it) another of Aaron Blaise's great lessons, "Photoshop - Using the Mixer Brush". Once again, I can't recommend enough to follow him in his YouTube channel and Facebook page since he is always sharing great lessons for other artists and animators. 

One last thing, I have a vague recollection of Butch Hartman saying in one of his videos that he actually played the guitar cords you hear on Danny Phantom's opening credits. That's too awesome, though I have to look where he said it since I might have wished it up.