The reason I made this digital illustration was because I really needed some ice cream after some (pretty close to being real) horrible news. My site is hosted with Nominalia and on November 15 I woke up to a disaster. They had an incident at their data center that caused all services to go down. People were tweeting madly trying to figure what was happening. I was scared because that very morning I had been in the middle of creating my site's backup (I know I should have done it sooner, alright? I know and I'm still kicking myself for not having done so...) after I have been developing it for the past month. I tried not to worry thinking that I would have to have pretty bad luck for my server to end up being corrupted and the data not accessible. Nominalia worked through the day and on to the night to get services running again. I was so relieved by their tweet ("We confirm that the services are finally restored. If you keep experiencing problems, please contact us. Apologies."):

But that happiness lasted a fleeting second, because I couldn't log into my server. I contacted them, but it wasn't until the next day that they told me that my server (can you believe my luck?) was corrupted and that I needed to reinstall the Operating System and start fresh. My face was O___O , I had no backups, how was I suppose to restore it? I felt like such an idiot, what kind of developer was I that I hadn't backed up a month's work....? Luckily Nominalia's team was very helpful and managed to get the data back (uuum heck yes!). First thing I did was celebrate by eating ice creaming while creating a safe backup of all my code. This won't happen to me again.

I did get something cute out of it, this illustration, which I think I'm going to use for my footer.