Have you ever felt like you know nothing at all compared to the amount of information that exists? Sometimes, as I learn about a subject I become overwhelmed with the fact that there is still so much more to learn. I suppose another great phrase that goes along with this is "I would give everything I know for half of what I ignore" (René Descartes). I tried to look up the author of the quote I ended up using but I found a bit of a dispute between it being Einstein and Socrates.

My idea with this illustration was to portray the mind as having bookcases for each subject. Every time you learn something a book is added. Yet as you look upon your brain's library, the emptiness envelops you. I hope the message is  understandable without reading the explanation.

But that Bulbasaur shirt though.

Edit ( May 09th 2017) : I just finished watching one of Aaron Blaise's Facebook Live Streams and the one thing that stuck with me is how insistent Aaron was with "quality over quantity" in terms of portfolio. I was pretty happy with this painting a few months back because it was the first illustration I managed from thumbnail to final all on my own. Looking back at it now all I see are mistakes (specially perspective with that bookcase). I have two options, don't add it to my portfolio or fix it. Thank you Aaron.