I have been a fan for ages of Sailor Moon, I was so in love with the story and the tight girl squad along with fighting evil monsters while worrying about romance. I wished so many times I could be in that world, I lost count. I was so into these series when I was a child that when I earned my first bit of good money at the age of 15 I was crazy enough to buy a 13 DVDs pack (mind you, this was back in 2005 or so) for almost $350. I was so excited, they looked professional and great, thought it was a steal... they turned out to be complete bootlegs with medium quality. I felt so disappointed, the first time I was scammed by the internet. Nevertheless I had my episodes, but I let a good friend of mine back then borrow the Vol.1 pack, and she never returned it. To this day I look at my shelf and I cringe when I see that pack missing, hahahaha (oh man...).

Moving on, this drawing was from back in 2015, I was just getting started on using a digital tablet.