In about two months I will be travelling to the USA to spend some holidays with my dad. It's been a while since I gave him a manual gift so I decided this year I would paint him one of his favorite movies, Spirit. I had a tough time getting the shadows right to make him look like a horse, I would spend a few hours on it then decide I didn't like it and would paint over it again with his local color to start all over. What really helped me was looking at a horse's skull since there I was able to determine what protrudes more (hence catching light) and what doesn't protrude.

The composition, environment and painting was done following the great Aaron Blaise, from his digital painting tutorial "Photoshp / Elephant" . I strongly recommend checking his YouTube channel out as well as his Facebook page, he shares some amazing tips and lessons. If you enjoy them then you might be interested in checking out his site where he shares complete lessons both on illustration and animation.

Goes without saying that I listened to the Spirit soundtrack over and over while painting, it was wonderful.

Framed finished piece