This was an incredibly instructive lecture. I am very thankful that Gil Rimmer decided to not edit too much out and leave his entire creative process for me to soak up. The way he confronted changes and went with what felt right with the character really let me experience how he managed to go from concept to final result. More amazing was to see how the right values of black and white took a 2d line design to an actual model that felt 3d even though it was flat on the screen. I really enjoyed following him along as much as I could, in certain occasions I had to make my own decisions because I couldn't keep up with the teacher. I am quite happy with what I learned, it was a challenge and well worth it.

The workshop description, "Character design for animation with Gil Rimmer":

In this lecture, Gil Rimmer simultaneously develops two characters, Francis and Paulo, who are classic pugilists in a fictional turn of the century metropolis. This first in a two lecture series focuses on creating the faces and heads of the two fighters, using dynamic silhouettes, rhythms, graphic design and composition principles. Gil stresses the various visual relationships within individual characters while addressing the complementary relationship between the two fighters. Through a methodical process, beginning with a design brief followed by reference gathering, through traditional approaches to silhouette design and ending on detailed orthographic views and expression sheets, Gil shares his thoughts about the design process and its place in the animation production pipeline.