Diamonds cave

This is the first result from the workshop "Practical Light and Color Theory and Application" with Jeremy Vickery. I couldn't achieve the same look as Jeremy did since the abstract shapes in my image don't quite help the viewer make up the environment, it's still in a crude stage. It is beautiful to see how the mind of the viewer makes up the shapes in the illustration even if they are not clearly defined.

It was a challenge to follow Jeremy Vickery's sped up painting videos, trying to simulate and understand his choices. Colors and the way you apply them can make or break your art. A different style that I rather enjoyed practicing.

Workshop description:

In this title, Jeremy discusses the fundamentals of light and color from a very practical standpoint. Going back to the basics of how light works in the real world, he focuses on an often neglected subject. Intended as an introduction to understanding light and color, the lecture covers topics such as bounced light, shadows, atmosphere and camera effects, going beyond basic color theory while staying relatively untechnical. Jeremy demonstrates many practical examples of how to apply the concepts to both 2D and 3D image creation.