It was a treat to see how Sang Jun Lee took his ideas from rough sketches to finished ones. With each workshop the process of making thumbnails first is really boring into my gray matter. On the insect sketches I tried to do a little my way and make some bad humor from it. The mix between grasshopper and chicken did quite shock me though, the legs bending backwards really stands out to me.

Workshop description:

Professional art always helps to bring new ideas to life. Although a concept artist has a wide range of responsibilities, their overall mission is to understand the vision of directors, writers, and various clients to help bring their ideas to visual form. No matter what tools technology has to offer, drawing will always be the most fundamental way to develop these ideas as well as helping to discover your own style. In this title, Sang Jun dissects his concept process through four different ideations, from initial thumbnailing to final refinement in Adobe Photoshop®. Learn how to generate ideas, how to strengthen aspects such as silhouette, rhythm, gesture and expression, and how to develop costume design. Watch as creatures and characters come to life before your eyes and learn the steps it takes to communicate your vision clearly and efficiently with little more than a pencil and paper.