This came from following along Goro Fujita's awesome live stream in Huzza. You have to understand these live streams are usually only available for his 9$ Patreons and he made this one free for all. Yay Christmas baby! The amount of knowledge you can acquire from looking, listening and doing as he does is just unquantifiable. Not only did he make the stream live (and available for replay) for free, but he also shares the brushes and the painting itself on his Patreon page. Be sure to check him out, he is amazing! You can follow along without his brushes though, and I'd recommend it so you can get your creative juices flowing.

Wait, you don't know who Goro Fujita is? He is a professional with over 10 years experience, and he is the author of the recently viral video "Worlds in Worlds" (painting made in Quill, mesmerizing). Haven't seen it? Here, let me spellbind you.