tl;dr - Drew spaceship, Jérôme Jarre liked it, followed me and asked to use it. I freaked.

This idea popped up while following yet another course in, "Drawing and Painting in Photoshop - The Great Training" by Daniel Lieske. I had to discard the first go at the spaceship since I messed up the perspective grid and all that followed was misaligned. On the second try I realized I wanted to add something personal to the ship and at the time I was following Jérôme Jarre's #LoveArmy movement, so I thought why not? This was the first draft of the illustration:

I tweeted it and didn't think much of it afterwards. What was my surprise later in the day when I got the following notification:

Jerome follows Chayemor in Twitter

I flipped out, I even texted my dad about it. I was jumping and laughing. I know it sounds childish, but here was this man with over a million followers, who is 24/7 busy doing projects to help the world (check out his Youtube Channel, you'll understand then)and he found the time to not only look at this silly illustration I tweeted but to also thank me for it. So when I got his direct message asking to use the image I was all for it and shaking like a minion.

Jerome likes Love Army Spaceship

I was all in and got to making a better version so Jerome could use it for the movement. That's how the Love Army Spaceship illustration came to be.

If you did check out Jerome's Youtube Channel and feel like helping, he's always posting new videos that need captions in different languages. If you have a Youtube Channel they are real easy to create (I helped out in one of his videos for Spanish captions). It's amazing how the power of help from one another can work. When Jerome uploaded the video "We MET AN INDIGENOUS TRIBE!!!" (that's the one I helped on) it wasn't long before everyone contributed captions in different languages. It's a great way to help out and it's very useful since it makes the video accessible to everyone.

I wholeheartedly wish Jerome the best of luck in his projects and here's to hoping he one day gets to build that orphanage too, I'm sure he will some day.