We are moving on quickly, though I added a result from Volume 3 as well (understanding the skeleton, boy did I learn a lot!). This is the fourth volume already in Charles Hu 's series of Anatomy Workshops via Gnomon Workshop. Just watching him do his art is a treat, how it flows and how he turns those lines into works of art is beyond me.

Don't miss out on Volume 1 and Volume 2 if you haven't checked them out already.

Workshop's description:

In this human anatomy tutorial titled Anatomy of the Human Head, figure artist Charles Hu provides an anatomical breakdown of the human head. Beginning with general proportions, planes and structural landmarks, Charles then demonstrates how to apply these principles with a series of life drawing exercises. In these three exercises – from Front, Side and ¾ View, he shows how to approach the lay-ins using the general proportions discussed previously. He then breaks the head down into their individual structures, defining the primary planes of the head first, then refining the individual structures, using the planes to help define the core and cast shadows and shading of the head. Lastly, Charles discusses the primary muscle groups of the human head, demonstrating each muscle's primary motion. These combined lectures provide a much deeper understanding of the human head and provides a strong foundation for drawing much more dynamic portraits.