By mistake I completed Volume 6 before Volume 5 hahaha, but it wasn't a problem at all since each module concentrated on different areas. I have found these volumes to have a load of knowledge and I really enjoy how Charles Hu transmits it, he manages to provide theory and practice all together. If you follow along and draw with him then you have have a lot of fun and learn along the way; definitely worth it. I am really excited for all of the videos I have yet to watch in the Gnomon Workshop.

Don't miss out on Volume 1 , Volume 2 or Volume 4 , if you haven't checked them out already.

The site's workshop description:

This series of tutorials is focused on and titled Structure and Anatomy of the Human Torso. In a continuation of his previous lectures on human anatomy, figure artist Charles Hu approaches these lectures in the same fashion, beginning with a discussion on the primary skeletal structures making up the torso – the neck, spine, rib cage, pelvis and shoulder. After discussing the primary structures and proportions, he begins by breaking down the primary muscle groups, starting with the neck then working his way down to the shoulder, chest, and abdomen, before moving to the muscle groups of the back. In discussing the muscle groups, Charles discusses not only their positions and overlaps, but also their mechanical contributions to the motion of the underlying skeletal structure. This structural and mechanical understanding is essential in producing believable and dynamic figure drawings.