The Charles Hu's Anatomy Workshop Volumes comes to an end with this one. I can't praise the volumes enough; I learned a lot about anatomy and feel so much better at taking drawing from life on (specially from models). It was a great experience that I recommend 10 out of 10. 

I'll be moving on to Van Arno's Figure Drawing volumes. 

Don't miss out on the sketches from previous modules: Volume 1 , Volume 2 , Volume 4 and Volume 5.

The site's workshop description:

This lecture demonstrates the structure and anatomy of the human arm. In a continuation of his previous lectures on human anatomy, figure artist Charles Hu begins this lecture with a review of the primary skeletal structures of the arm. After discussing the primary structures and proportions, Charles begins by breaking down the primary muscle groups. Starting with the shoulder and upper arm, he works his way down to the forearm's muscle groups, explaining supination and pronation while also discussing the muscle connections and their action. In the last four chapters, Charles works from different examples of photo reference, identifying key structural landmarks while also deconstructing the contributions of anatomy, gesture and rhythm to the motion of the underlying skeletal structure. The mechanical and structural understanding that Charles shares in this title is an essential foundation for producing believable and dynamic figure drawings, either from life or from the imagination.