It's mesmerizing to see David Finch draw in video, what a rich skill to portray his stories. I believe my skill was not yet up to the required level for this workshop, since he drew naturally rather than going throw all the stages of a beginner (he explained the stages but later on drew skipping forward). I will be revisiting this workshop and the other volumes in the future, when my skills have improved, since I think I will be able to get more from the videos than now. 

Workshop description:

In this title, David Finch reveals his step-by-step process for drawing the human head. He starts with a basic head shape and demonstrates the structural breakdown from multiple angles. He then focuses on the various features including eyes, noses, lips, ears, necks and hair. He discusses important landmarks, features and proportions. David brings it all together to draw a series of completed heads, from basic male and female heads to heroic examples. Lastly, he covers lighting on a simplified head shape to help you understand the rules governing placement of dark and light shapes. He includes a wide range of tips and tricks for making your faces, heads and hair more life-like and convincing without the need to rely upon reference material.