Starting with the next workshop in The Gnomon Workshop site. I must say Charles Hu's Anatomy Workshop was the best first course to take since it established plenty of information to help me ease into the next workshop. I'm pretty luck to have picked the order as I did of the workshops.

Figure Fundamentals Volume 1 is taught by Van Arno, it was a pleasure to draw with him and learn along. I can't wait to get started on his next volume, thank goodness he's got four of them in The Gnomon Workshop.

Workshop description:

Drawing the human figure is a pivotal skill for artists in a range of fields. Story boarding, concept art, illustration, and animation portfolios rise and fall on anatomical dynamics. Artists of all levels of ability draw the figure to engage the part of our brain that revels in dramatic tension. Often our efforts to draw accurately, however, are undercut by our preconceived ideas about how things should look in a "good drawing” as well as our fear of drawing poorly. A strong foundation in fundamentals allows us to quickly see the pose in its entirety. In this demonstration and lecture we will be conscious of the proportion and gesture of the figure from the first stroke of the pencil. Other topics include anatomy, drawing methodology, foreshortening, light and shadow. This is a boot camp for beginners while also a valuable refresher for experienced artists looking for new perspectives from an accomplished artist. Van Arno is known for the powerful dynamics of his figurative work and this title kick starts his figure drawing series.