Second volume in Van Arno's Figure Fundamentals workshop in The Gnomon Workshop. I can't believe how fun it was to learn and draw at the same time while looking at the model through Van Arno's eyes. I really enjoyed his method of teaching and practicing along with him. The fact  that it's a video and that I can pause and replay what I need to makes it the cherry on top.

Don't forget to check out the results from Figure Fundamentals Volume 1

Workshop description:

Van Arno's series on drawing the human figure continues in Volume Two with discussions on drawing a male model. The anatomical differences from the female are noted. Poses of action and contortion then lead to a discussion of volumes in three dimensions. Van demonstrates how, with longer poses, the model can be drawn with simple volumes and then redrawn from another angle, without the model present. This exercise develops volumetric vocabulary and the ability to draw accurately, and in perspective, without pose reference. This is a vital skill for production and storyboard artists, where the angle of view is determined by a script or a director. Tone and light then are discussed in a final long pose. This figure drawing bootcamp is a valuable lesson for all aspiring figurative artists as Van Arno shares his thoughts and techniques acquired over an accomplished career as an industry and gallery artist.