How can each workshop get better than the one before? I am so excited to devour all the videos that The Gnomon Workshop has to offer, they are well worth their price. 

Workshop description:

Head drawing is tricky for both beginning and experienced figurative artists. This is because we have preconceived notions about how features should look, and this undermines our ability to let observation of the model drive our composition. As in all figure drawing, striving to make things look how we think they should look interferes with our ability to draw what we see. This difficulty is multiplied when we draw the head due to our many misconceptions about its structure. In this lecture, Van Arno focuses on head proportions and the understanding that the cranium and jaw respond differently in perspective. This allows us to render accurately at progressively more ambitious angles. Van then expands this knowledge with short poses of facial expressions and longer poses that focus on tone and likeness. As usual, students are encouraged to draw along with the instructor to solidify the concepts discussed.