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I don't quite know how to encapsulate this Arcade level, I suppose you could say it deals with string treatment. Want to codefight?

Corner of 0s and 1s

Let's get down to the bit, boom boom pow. All about bit-wise operations. Want to codefight?

Loop Tunnel

(I think) this level was all about math operations. It was very entertaining and I definitely learned something new about JavaScript, memoization. Want to codefight?

List Forest Edge

On to the third level of CodeFights: Arcade, List Forest Edge. The level on this one was quite doable, nothing hard or tricky. It's a level to learn about manipulating your arrays with your language. Want to codefight?

At the Crossroads

Second level of CodeFights: Arcade, At the Crossroads. If you haven't solved them and are planning to, don't peek, it won't do you any good to cheat. Want to codefight?

Intro Gates

This belongs to a series of posts about CodeFights: Arcade. If you don't know CodeFights then I strongly suggest you sign up to the site (it's free) and start battling and playing arcade mode to improve your coding skills. It's fun and it works your brain! Want to codefight?

Embed last Instagram post


Embed last Instagram Post through a block provided by a custom module, in Drupal 8.


  • Drupal 8

  • Made up theme name is Icecream