Steaming delicious baked goodie, well endowed with  chocolate chips, or savagely sexy uncooked dough were a few of the things the word "cookie" brought to mind. Not for her though, not yesterday, not today, not tomorrow.

This story was conceived for a competition for Bloop Animation's Creators Club. I picked the following one:

Title: Time's Up.
First Sen.: Getting out of jail was just the beginning.

"I told you not to point Monica, now you've gone and upset the witch. Let's get out before she chews us out..."

As Tanaka cleaned the last of the counters she felt a sting of sadness mixed with anger. How would she ever be able to take over this business if she couldn’t handle an ancient dehydrated lady?

"Ha ha ha. Don't tell me you are going to let a sneeze beat you to the cake, Cuki?"

Her wrinkly mother came in through the door, bringing peace with her presence. Cookie half smiled as she cringed inwardly at the way her mother pronounced her name. Cuki. So yes, there was a way to worsen her name.