The short answer, me.

Johanna Mesa Ramos
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Software Engineer and Illustrator
Lives in Spain (willing to relocate)
Speaks English (native) and Spanish (native)

The long answer...

My name is Johanna and I love storytelling through animation, I always thought I would end up growing out of it, but since the passion instead has just gotten stronger I have decided to do something about it and that's how Chayemor came to be. My ultimate dream would be to both animate and voice the next Mulan.



  • Character Designer - "Gordo and Bleu" [Sept 2016 to Present]

    My responsibility was to transform a description and set of requirements into a character represented through a turnaround sheet, including four principal character mouth expressions (closed, wide, ee and oo sounds).

  • Freelance Illustrator [Sept 2016 - Present]

    As a freelance illustrator I have covered projects ranging from tattoo designs to promotional illustrations.

  • Graphic Designer [Mar 2014 - Feb 2016]

    Radio Independiente de Canarias S.L.
    My responsibilities varied amongst web design, logo design and manipulation, and promotional images design.

Software and tools

  • Proficient : Photoshop CS6 (Adobe Certified Associate), Wacom Intuous Art

  • Experience with: Illustrator CS6


Currently my job title is of Full Stack Web Developer, albeit I am transitioning towards Game Development and 2D/3D Animation; fields with which I am a wee bit obsessed, after all, they are my passion.

Check out my LinkedIn profile for more details on my resume , or my letters of recommendation.

StackExchange Presence

I belong to a couple of communities, but the ones I have attributed to the most are StackOverflow and Graphic Design.

Fight me

... with code, though I prefer arcade ... ^__^ at Code Fights


  • Freelance Full Stack Drupal Developer [Oct 2014 - Present]

    Secret Source
    I provide Drupal support in the following areas (for both custom sites as well as those with legacy code): site maintenance and improvement, theming, module development, and general troubleshooting. Other responsibilities include developing sites by taking the provided design and returning a pixel-perfect website that adheres to the client's requirements. In rare occasions I have also provided basic Wordpress support.

  • Lead Full Stack Web Developer [March 2014 - Present]

    My main responsibility is to lead the frontend project from design to production, while providing occasional support to the backend team. A wide range of technologies are used in the process, always choosing the ones that best suit the needs of the project at the time. Some of the technologies I have employed to implement requirements are: Drupal, PHP, HTML, LESS, Bootstrap Framework, Javascript, JQuery, Electron, Node.js, ffmpeg and a few others.

  • Graphic Designer [Mar 2014 - Feb 2016]

    Radio Independiente de Canarias S.L.

  • Junior Java Technical Developer [October 2013 - December 2013]

    My responsibilities as Junior Java Technical Developer for this company included supporting my team in diverse projects, making use of my knowledge in: css, javascript, jquery-ajax, jquery-ui, web-scraping, html, jsoup and json. For example, I was asked to find a way to retrieve information that was valuable for the company from a page (web-scraping) without having to avoid doing so manually since the records to retrieve bordered the thousands. As a result I made a very basic web application where the user clicked a button in order for the records to be retrieved and presented on the screen.